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WHY EMAIL TO THIS SITE IS READ BUT MAY NOT BE ACKNOWLEDGED: Regrettably, I am so sorely pressed for time and energy that I am unable to respond to the vast majority of emails. Please know I read all emails, but I can only devote a very limited number of hours to this blog and all correspondence. That leaves me with a deeply unsatisfactory choice: if I devote those few hours a day to responding to email, then I have no time left to write the blog. Without the blog, then there is nothing to email me about, so both vanish.

Most of my time is spent pursuing the sort of self-reliance that I promote here. It is a peculiar irony that the only way I could possibly respond to more email would be to sacrifice the heart of this site and my purpose in creating it.

Unfortunately, nobody pays me to answer emails. I don't have a fixed income, pension, or trust fund, so I have to make enough money in the real world to pay our health insurance, property taxes, dental bills, etc., and reserve time for friends, associates and family, cooking, caring for the fruit trees, garden, bicycles, etc. and my books in progress. As a result, my limited email time is prioritized for family, friends, clients and financial supporters of the site (around 2% of the readership).

I regret these limits but even workaholics have limits, and they bear down harder with each passing year. There are tens of thousands of readers and only one of me.

So please do not consider it a slight if you receive no acknowledgement; I read and value each email, as I know it comes from a unique individual with pressing demands of their own. This entire enterprise, if it can be called that, is imperfect, and will always be so. I keep it afloat, but barely. That's the best I can do.