Jeannette Makoto

Sorry to be so mysterious about Jeannette's position, but I really don't know what it is. Her job title, I mean. She certainly is cagey about it. She was Dr. Feinbaum's assistant at my interview, but I've since learned that at CSI, appearances are just that. Appearances.

She didn't want me to take her photo, but she did give me this shot of her as a teenager. Cute, huh? She's improved with age--I guess she's in her mid-thirties, like me. I do know she's single, dedicated, funny and adorable.

Yeah, I'm head over heels and all that. If Polenkov's crew weren't trying to get Freddy (and kill me in the process), I could get rid of my nagging suspicions and get on with our romance. Which could be all in my head, just like the suspicions.

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