The People's Party of Hawaii: Archives

This is one of the Party's proudest moments. I cannot recall who is responsible for this bit of brilliant political theater, but Dexter and Jeff carried it off to perfection. (To my undying regret, a late-afternoon concrete pour at my job kept me from attending.) The guys taped enormous dollar signs on a large black plastic garbage bag and trundled the bag down to the headquarters of both Amfac and Dillingham. Both corporations had just donated $15,000 each to the Democratic and Republican parties, and Dexter and Jeff showed up to collect "our $15,000 as a legal political party."

The press releases got us a two-fer: the advance story printed below, and a second story (sadly lost to the ages, though perhaps in the paper's archives) with a photo of the guys and the bag at corporate HQ. As the clipping below explains, in our tremendous generosity and right-mindedness, we also sought equivalent funds for the other legal third parties.

Alas, both Amfac and Dillingham refused to kick in the cash, but Mr. Dillingham was gracious enough to meet with our prepresentatives and explain just how cold Hell would have to get before he gave The People's Party of Hawaii $15,000.