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Subscription rate increase 3/1/24: due to the 40% erosion of the purchasing power of the US dollar since I started accepting subscriptions in 2011, the subscription increased from $5/month to $7/month on 3/1/24. All those who subscribed at the old rate will keep that rate indefinitely as long as they do not cancel their subscription. If you cancel your subscription and resubscribe, the new rate will apply. Thank you for your understanding that after 13 years, an inflation adjustment was overdue.

Goldentine (Substack subscriber)
"I really appreciate your economic insights and focus on self reliance. Thanks for making the case that small, independent, and agile is a survival strategy that can work. I have always had that instinct, but your writing has provided a logic that allows me to see through the mirage of mainstream economic data and plot a course that is within my reach."

Jane VanFossen (Substack subscriber)
"You are better than I am at using precise words to describe transformations I've been witnessing in recent years. My feelings are amorphous, your words have a sharp, definitive edge. That's why your writing is valuable to me."

There are six ways to subscribe to the weekly Musings Reports:
The subscription is $7/month or an annual payment of $70/year. At readers' request, there is also an "extra-generous subscription" option of $10/month and 2 or 3-year subscriptions in the PayPal options.

1. Subscribe to my Substack at the $7/month / $70 annual subscription or the $200 option.

2. Become a $7/month patron of my work via There is a 10% discount for an annual payment. There is also a $3/month option in Patreon (24 Musings Reports per year).

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If your Paypal subscription has "failed": If your PayPal subscription to has "failed" due to an expired credit card or other issue, it is often easier to cancel your existing subscription via the "unsubscribe" button and then start a replacement subscription.

5. Subscribe annually with a one-time payment of $70 (one-year), $130 (two-years) or $200 (three-years) via PayPal with the pulldown menu below:

One-time payment subscriptions

6. To contribute any amount via PayPal, click the button below: Any contributions of $70 or higher will subscribe you to the Weekly Musings Reports.

Please note that canceling your email subscription on MailChimp (the Musings Report email service) does NOT cancel your payment subscription on PayPal. The only way to cancel your PayPal subscription is to do so within your own PayPal account or by using the "unsubscribe" botton above.

Brian Hull (Substack subscriber)
"Charles, I've followed your work for years, and find loads of value in your original insights. My apologies for being a content freeloader up until now. I believe you are one of the hardest working authors in this space, as evidenced by your prodigious works, and the quantity is matched in quality. We're all better off for it. Thank you. Brian "

Kelly (Substack subscriber)
"I supported your work because of the ultimate purpose of your writing: taking control of and improving our own well-being and security. Plus, you sound a lot like my father (who has been gone for many, many years and I miss him). I feel like your writing is a reflection of what he would be telling me now about how to deal with the days, weeks and years to come. Thank you."

Thank you very much for supporting with your subscription or contribution. Please email me regarding errors, oversights or questions. I apologize in advance for delayed replies.


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