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    Government Links
         Particularly helpful resources.

    U.S Census Bureau           Census fact Finder site
    Much more than population. A resource for all kinds of data: number of housing units, etc.

    Energy Information Administration
    Part of the U.S. DOE (Department of Energy). This is the place for data on energy resources, etc.

    C.I.A. World Factbook
    Need the annual defense budget of France? Here it is! Excellent fun.

    Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Inflation, wages, occupations, you name it, it's here.

    Bureau of Economic Analysis
    All the gory details: GDP, fixed assets, personal income, etc.

    Other Links
         Of uncommon interest.

    Blue Ear - Global Journalism Community

    A German site with excellent lists of current articles on AI in English.

    JPRI--Japan Policy Research Institute

    OECD-Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    Rice Cooker
    A comprehensive listing of recently published articles on China. An amazing resource.

    Model & Mine
    Dorian Pyle's website on data mining, CRM, and more. A fascinating collection of resources.



    Foreign Affairs
    An extraordinary number of think tanks publish journals, but this one is the most comprehensive.
    Published by the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute
    An independent forum on the nitty-gritty of military policy by those with some real knowledge;
    excellent analysis of stuff that matters (e.g. the Joint Strike Fighter program, etc.).

    The New Republic Online
    The sharpest writing and least ideological coverage of current events and books out there.

    Washington Post website

    New York Times
    Both of the above websites have extensive archives.