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A Radically Beneficial World: Automation, Technology and Creating Jobs for All: The Future Belongs to Work That Is Meaningful

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Automation is upending the global order by eliminating human labor on an unprecedented scale--and the status quo has no solution to this wholesale loss of jobs.

Two recent articles highlighted the profound consequences of advances in robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) on employment: four fundamentals of workplace automation and Robots may shatter the global economic order within a decade as the pace of automation innovation has gone from linear to parabolic.

What if we could hit the reset button on the way we create money, work, commerce and community? What if we could design a social economy rather than a merely financial one?

These are not idle questions, for technology now enables us to hit that reset button and organize the creation of money, work, commerce and community in new ways.

If we could start from scratch, what would a new system look like? Clearly, we need a system that offers what the current system cannot: meaningful work for all.

This book is the practical blueprint of a new system (Community Labor Integrated Money Economy - CLIME) that offers opportunities for meaningful work and ownership of the sources of prosperity not just to a few, but to everyone.

In CLIME, every individual has the power to change the system for the betterment of themselves and every other participant. Being at the top of the heap is no longer a prerequisite. Everyone who is powerless in the current arrangement is empowered in CLIME. Empowered to not just better themselves and their family, but better their community and the larger community of Planet Earth.

CLIME swings the goal from growth to sustainable living by changing the incentives presented to participants from perverse to positive.

-- CLIME is an opt-in system. No one is forced to participate.

-- CLIME uses a self-funded monetary system that can't be hijacked by the central state, bank or banks, and most importantly, it does not create money via borrowing it into existence.

-- In CLIME, community groups organize work (via inherently messy and disorderly democracy) to meet scarcities rather than rely totally on markets to decide what's profitable/unprofitable. Markets serve a function, but they have fatal limitations.

-- CLIME is 1) a new ontology of work and money 2) a new political system 3) a new economic system, all of which can grow organically because they are opt-in, decentralized and distributed.

-- CLIME is a self-organizing system that strips out privilege (which I define as unearned wealth and power that transfers risk to others).

A radically beneficial world beckons—what are we waiting for?

Introduction and Chapter One (free PDF) (or read embedded version below)

German language edition of Part 1: Eine Radikal Segensreiche Welt Part 1 (Scribd) (or read embedded version below)

A Radically Beneficial World: Automation, Technology and Creating Jobs for All is now available as an Audible audio book.

Spanish edition: Un Mundo Radicalmente Prospero: Automatización, tecnología y creación de empleos para todos (web page)

"Certainly the author is decades ahead of his time. Humanity will eventually adopt the author's principles written in all of his books. Currently, humanity lives in delusion that the system will continue to serve them. We will see massive changes even in the next decade. Don't waste your money on college--buy the author's books and succeed." Book Reader

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Mark Jeftovic and I discuss work, profit and new models of paying for useful work (44:47)

The CLIME Project:

CLIME Project website

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The Architecture of a Labor-Backed Cryptocurrency System, the Largent (Charles Hugh Smith, June 21, 2016)

Introduction and Chapter One (free PDF download)

Eine Radikal Segensreiche Welt, Part 1 (German Edition)

I am grateful to Jonee Tiedermann for his help in making Section 1 available to the German-speaking world. The publishing rights for a German language edition are still available; my contact email is csmith@oftwominds.com.

Eine Radikal Segensreiche Welt part 1 by Charles Hugh Smith

Eine Radikal Segensreiche Welt Part 1 (Scribd)

The Architecture of a Labor-Backed Cryptocurrency System, the Largent

by Charles Hugh Smith (June 21, 2016)

This paper proposes an architecture for a labor-backed currency system, the largent, based on my book, A Radically Beneficial World, the flow-money paper “Proof of Labor Improvement Proposal” by Julio Moros and Oscar Olivera, and Rob Hitchens’ paper, “Proposal for a Credit-Backed Crypto-Currency.”

The Architecture of a Labor-Backed Cryptocurrency System, the Largent

Kindle, $9.95           print, $22

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