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Friday Haiku and More   (August 10, 2007)

Ron M. contributed this thought-provoking Haiku:


Financial chaos
Who protects the five percent?
Blackwater Police

John B. sent in a longer poetic disquisition on the cycles of a culture:

I read something today I thought to be profound and quite accurate; The past shows that great civilizations last approx. 200 years and the reasons given for their demise is as follows;

They go From bondage to spiritual faith
            From spiritual faith to great courage
            From great courage to liberty
            From liberty to abundance
            From abundance to complacency
            From complacency to apathy
            From apathy to government dependence
            From government dependency to bondage
Who said life is not a circle?

Here is my Haiku effort for the week:

Plunge Protection Team
does not exist. But then who
is gnashing their teeth?

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