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Monday Haiku and the Agape Community Center   (August 13, 2007)

There are dozens of topics I want to write about, including many excellent suggestions from readers, but today I turn to this very topical Haiku from astute reader Jay M.:

Central Bank Bailout
A Free Market Illusion
Helps Wall Street Comrade

At the family gathering I attended in Southern California this weekend, I was deeply impressed with the work being done in South Chicago by my cousin's daughter Beth at the Agape Community Center. I invite you to visit their website. My second cousin is in slide 19 of the center's slideshow with three of her students.

The center provides an array of services to the homeless and children in the South Chicago community. The interns/volunteers and staff are doing essential, vitally important work and I applaud their efforts in a community in need of caring commitment.

My second-cousin loves Chicago and enjoys working with children. I admire her very much and am in awe of her faith and positive energy. Beth, I am proud of you and of your co-workers. You make faith and love come alive.

Here is my modest attempt to honor your tremendous devotion and spirit:

Faith freely chosen
a child's smile brightens winter
one prayer answered

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