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Portrait of the Artist II   (January 27, 2007)

Thank you to everyone who responded to yesterday's entry and/or wished me well with my new novel: Bill M., Michael G., Albert T., Kevin M., our U.K. Correspondent, et. al. I think Kevin put into words what many of us feel:

While reading your blog today, I was struck by a way of thinking and living that I have subscribed to (or tried to anyway). I am tired of being a "consumer / producer," and as such I no longer worry about anything creative that I do as having any commercial value. I simply enjoying creating things. I too play my guitar 30 minutes to an hour a day. I enjoy working on my motorcycle. Even mowing my yard. The end result and the process itself is my reward, and I don't worry too much about what other people think.
There's a lot of wisdom in those words....

Several readers requested Richard Russell's views on Chelation therapy, and correspondent James C. was kind enough to send me a copy. It is currently in Microsoft Works format, which should open in most Windows PCs. If you have a Mac, try downloading the file and then opening it in a Mac word processor. I will transfer it to HTML when I have time: Russell on EDTA Chelation.

I should note here that I am not recommending this or any other treatment. What I am recommending is doing your own research, and maintaining both an open mind and a skeptical mind. No one treatment or lifestyle works for everyone; learn as much as you can, and take charge of your own health.

Here are some interesting links for weekend browsing. Polymath reader Bill M.'s own website is a delightful mix of eclectica (is that a real word?), including a large-batch recipe for thin pizza crust dough and some stunning craftwork: amulets and chimes.

Frequent contributor U. Doran sent in some links to stories you may have missed. Everyone talks about hedge funds, but how much research about this shadowy industry have you read? Here's a Deloitte Reserach Group report: Risk Management and Valuation Practices in the Global Hedge Fund Industry.

Doran also sent in a report on the dollar and bonds (lots of good charts) and another important one which explains how the "new" CRB (Commodities Research Bureau) index has changed dramatically from the "old" CRB index.

Lastly, several readers have been asking for recent entries and noting that they're not in my archives. That's because I've fallen way behind and need to devote some time to updating the archives. I am also starting a new archive for 2007 which will include the date of each entry. Given the hundreds of stories and entries cluttering up this site, I need to start a new archive lest the existing one become too cumbersome to use.

As for the photo: what could be more all-American than a rock-n-roll jam with the flag and a classic Fender Stratocaster? OK, I should be playing slide with an empty bottle of American beer rather than a Beck's, and I am sure there were some Sierra Nevada bottles awaiting the next break. If you haven't heard my songwriter buddy Mike Dakota's tune King George is Back, check it out (it's an MP3 file). That's me on first lead guitar (not very good but it at least it doesn't ruin the song).

Another excuse to thank you readers: at some point this week, the 500,000th visitor since 1/1/06 will view this site (and hopefully won't leave in a huff).

For more on this subject and a wide array of other topics, please visit my weblog.


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