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Introducing Whine Magazine   (January 12, 2008)

Every time I read about the big bucks other sites are pulling in from advertising, I get jealous. Why am I so stupid? Who cares whether there's ads here or not? Why bother with dumb "ideals" when I could be pulling in thousands a month?

Then I drop all scruples, honor and my most closely held values and accept a big fat ad. So please welcome our big-bucks sponsor, "Whine" magazine.

NOTE: contributions are humbly acknowledged in the order received.

Thank you, Tanya Z. ($50), for your very generous and much-appreciated donation in support of this humble site. I am greatly honored by your contribution and readership. All contributors are listed below in acknowledgement of my gratitude.

For more on this subject and a wide array of other topics, please visit my weblog.


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