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Jank Coffee, Upscale Tropic Style   (March 27, 2006)

At reader Craig S.'s suggestion--one he may well regret after seeing this, but I hope not-- here is my design for an upscale tropic-flavored Jank Coffee shop.

To start, I conjured up an island-style coffee bar facing the entry, inviting passersby with serious caffeine on their minds to drop in and take a seat in this bright, airy space. (Yes, that's lava rock supporting the curved bar.) I also selected a fun font for the discreet signage.

The other half of the space is devoted to an eclectic, purposefully informal dining area with upscale rattan chairs and a hammock to establish a carefree vacation atmosphere. Add a few plants and some cheap fun lighting, and voila, Have a Vacation Today--at Jank Coffee.

To work its magic, this design needs to face a light-filled courtyard or atrium; by sheer coincidence, upscale malls all seem to feature just such courtyards or atriums. So which would you rather step into--one of those cookie-cutter Mermaid coffee shops, or this bright tropic retreat? Remember: Jank Coffee: cause you're worth it.


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