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Department of Corrections   (October 5, 2007)

Every responsible media outlet runs corrections. Here is this site's accumulated list of corrections:

1. This site has repeatedly suggested that inflation actually exists in the U.S.A. We now admit this is false. Inflation is either zero or 1.8% which is essentially zero. Ignore charts which have been posted here such as these, even if the sources are Federal Government agencies.

Ignore stories such as this one (thanks to U. Doran for the link) There's No Inflation (If You Ignore Facts)

2. The housing decline has bottomed. Ignore links which have been posted here such as Phoenix Inventory Explodes in September

Debunking Another Absurd Stephen Kim Homebuilder Rally (Thanks to C. Peterson for these links)

3. Oil is not peaking. There will be plenty of oil basically forever, and little children will frolic in air-conditioned comfort for generations to come. Do not go to sites linked here such as The Oil Drum.

4. There will never be another recession in the U.S., ever. The Federal Reserve has banned recessions. They are mere memories. There is no need to read stories like this one (thanks to frequent contributor U. Doran) Recession isn't an 'if' but a 'when': Housing prices are heading lower. Stock prices are heading down. And it's all systems go for a downturn in the U.S. economy, no matter what the bulls say. By Bill Fleckenstein

5. Financial derivatives increase the safety and security of our financial system. They pose no danger whatsoever. Ignore charts like this you have seen here:

6. This site has recklessly plundered the Dizney archives of copyrighted material. Characters such as Sneezy are national treasures which should be paid for. Why, without copyright protection, then performances by the Grateful Dead would be available free on the Internet, without penalty or payment. It would be an outrage, and our entire civilization would topple into smoking ruins.

7. Contrary to its humble-pie image, this site has, in a partnership with the Devil, sold its soul to corporate sponsors such as Astra-Zastra which place subliminal ads and clever product placements in the content. Zombiestra (TM): it only makes you suicidal every once in a while. (TM)

For more on how Zombiestra (TM) cures Quatro-polar Syndrome, please go to The New Disease We Just Know You've Got.

8. Though the author of this site routinely excoriates the Mainstream Media (MSM), he has engaged in just the sort of unsavory paparazzi activities (depicted in this candid photo) which characterize the MSM.

9. Even though the author of this site can no longer obtain airline seat assignments online, there is no "let 'em fly, but only after you hassle 'em first" list. The security measures currently implemented under the Patriot Act have no effect on law-abiding citizens--as long as you don't read subversive trash like this site.

10. There are no black ships positioned outside U.S. territorial waters (13 miles offshore) for holding detainees who are U.S. citizens. We don't know where these absurd rumors started, but if you happen to be on a boat in the vicinity of the Farallon Islands (off the Pacific Coast) I am in Holding Cell #13 in the black ship you just passed, writing this on a Blackberry which a fellow detainee managed to hide during the strip-search we all endured.

Here in Holding Cell #13 we actually have some rights; we will be able to contact an attorney in a few weeks, unless of course we are classified as an "enemy non-combatant" in which case even as citizens our rights are stripped as if they never existed.

The amount of torture we receive is also limited, and we get to sleep a few minutes every 48 hours. You get used to the black hoods, really.

The ship is operated by Blackwater, a private firm, so Federal Government agencies maintain plausible deniability, or whatever the term is nowadays. You start losing your memory after all the beatings and sleep deprivation; I think that's what we used to call it.

Oh, and ignore articles like this one from that trashy pulp magazine Foreign Affairs: Outsourcing War:

The private security firm Blackwater has come under intense scrutiny after a September 16 shootout that left at least 11 Iraqi civilians dead. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has demanded that Blackwater cease operating in Iraq and Congress is raising questions about the accountability of the 160,000 private military contractors working there, a force that exceeds the number of uniformed soldiers in the country. In his article "Outsourcing War" (March/April 2005) Peter W. Singer argued that the privatization of war without oversight may be expedient but it is not good for democracy.

If you happen to have a spare torpedo on board, we'd appreciate you sinking this floating Hell--and Blackwater with it.

Thank you, Jerry N., ($25) for your very generous donation to this humble site. I am greatly honored by your contribution and readership. All contributors are listed below in acknowledgement of my gratitude.

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