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Self-Righteous Fascists Seek Ban on Cancer Vaccine   (November 27, 2005)

Evil in its purest form darkens our land, hiding its true nature under the guise of false righteousness. Who would be so full of hatred and evil as to ban a vaccine against an insidious cancer? Surely anyone espousing such Evil is the moral equivalent of mass murderers such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Who could argue otherwise?

So who are these fascists espousing what is essentially murder? The "Religious Right" and their toadies in Congress. As widely reported in the media, these incarnations of Evil claim the dark cloak of righteousness to obscure their own political agenda--a sentence of death for women who are infected with a sexually transmitted virus (human papilloma virus or HPV) which causes a fatal, incurable form of cervical cancer.

These fascists are concerned only with their own interpretation of righteousness, which is focused entirely on the unsubstantiated conjecture that such a vaccine would turn innocent young women into harlots. What kind of lascivious mind could conjure up such a thought, without regard for the health of young women?

What about the thousands of victims of rape and sexual abuse who may become infected with this deadly virus as a result of violent male evil? (Men are carriers of the virus but it does them no harm. Gosh, I wonder if the tables were turned and men were dying of HPV, would the self-righteous Republican Congressmen be so quick to block the vaccine? Do ya reckon?)

Let us say these representatives of Evil Incarnate impose their political will on the nation and the vaccine is banned or limited, and as a result some of the tens of thousands of innocent rape victims do contract HPV from their attackers. To maintain a morally consistent jurisprudence, we must condemn these male Congressmen and Pseudo-Religious Right leaders who banned the vaccine for murder, for they carry the same guilt as the rapist himself. There can be no other moral conclusion.

If these self-righteous men were indeed given the same sentences as their fellow murderers and rapists, then they would soon discover the horrors experienced by the rape victims they so callously condemned to death; for their flaccid white derrieres would make tempting fresh meat to the coarser and more violent inhabitants of our nation's state prisons.

Let me take down my worn and stained Bible from my shelf, (inscribed "Given to Charles Smith in recognition of his faithfulness by the Silverlake Presbyterian Church, June 24, 1962") and seek out what the Good Book has to say about politicians who act, like Hitler himself, with the blessing of a self-proclaimed Christianity. They act as if there were an 11th and 12th Commandants which read, ""place thyself between the Believer and God, and maketh your own interpretations of his Will in thine own image," and "Thou shalt take it upon thyself to act as Judge and prosecutor of righteousness, setting thyself above God."

Yet I find no such 11th or 12th Commandants in the Bible, instructing the self-righteous to impose their political interpretations as if they sat on the right hand of God. I find instead that these men are the epitome of sin and evil. Consider the source of evil--the heart of the sinner:

"For from within, OUT OF THE HEART OF MAN, come evil thoughts, fornication, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, licentiousness, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All these evil things COME FROM WITHIN and defile a man." (Mark 7:18-23). (emphasis added)

And from another New Testament verse: "The works of the flesh are plain: immorality, impurity, licentiousness, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, envy, drunkeness, carousing, and the like." (Galatians 5:17-21).
What are these self-proclaimed righteous but immoral, impure evil men, filled with anger and hatred for women, utterly selfish in their disregard for the health of innocent victims of rape, date rape and abuse, drunk with their own self-proclaimed glory, covetous of power, filled to the overflowing with pride and a dozen other sins? Who are they to judge what is righteous and good for the health of the nation's women?

These self-glorying politicians are nothing but blasphemers and murderers; if you read the Bible, there is no other interpretation of their actions, deeds and words. If we understand the original Hebrew word correctly, then we find that Satan is more accurately translated as "adversary." These men are filled with the greatest of sins, hatred, pride, self-glorification, indeed, everything that is adversarial to Jesus' message of love, faith, forgiveness and charity. In this sense, they are well and truly Satan incarnate.

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