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The Geometry of Passion   (Verona U., February 4, 2008)

Geometry of passion
radius of love
some find cold comfort in a God
the refuge of the damaged
self-righteous, I think
the lacuna of human nature
beneath the holy words.

Hatred takes up all the space in their souls
I prefer a full-bodied dish of cockaigne
and for study
the geometry of passion
and the radius of love

Its axioms are experimental
learned and tested in each new love.
Such a fragile mobile
passion and love
spinning and yawing
never taking quite the same turn twice.

There's sex in your pen, dear girl
my blush doesn't show on paper.
v Bungled, halting
passion knows these not.
reckless, need, infatuation
we hear too much of those.

Circles and vectors
good clean crisp lines
don't blur them with tears
let me make a wild windswept wish
let us save all our hurt
for another day.

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