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May 2008   (updated 5/20/08)

Readers commentaries week of May 20, 2008
Dropping rents, China buying farmland, food shortages, Map of Misery and more

Readers commentaries week of May 6, 2008
Immigration, Tivo and ads, Bear markets and more

Readers commentaries week of May 1, 2008
Finding the "bottom" in housing, nation within a nation, Peak Coal and more

Readers commentaries on OTM accepting ads

Readers Essays

Two Commentaries on Iraq
(Paul T., Michael Goodfellow)

The Rise in Oil: Speculation or Uncertainty?
Harun I.
PERHAPS 60% OF TODAY'S OIL PRICE IS PURE SPECULATION (Financial Sense): The author wages a largely rhetorical argument. I won't argue that there may be a bubble building in energy futures but the causes he presents is suspect.

The Third Worldization of the United States Is In Process
Robert Roth
The U.S. and its economy may be said to have been in a process of "Third Worldization" for some time, from a variety of perspectives. One of the more striking, to me, is the fact that recently an authoritative source suggested the U.S. may (in ten years) lose the AAA rating its debt has enjoyed since ratings began. See Doug Nolandís Credit Bubble Bulletin.

Hoping Not to Find Life in Space
Michael Goodfellow
Ever since people speculated that the stars were distant suns, or that the planets in our own solar system were worlds like the Earth, we have wondered if there was life elsewhere, even intelligent life like our own. Given all those stars and all that time, it seems like a sure bet. Yet we don't see any evidence of life elsewhere in our solar system, or any evidence of intelligent life out among the stars. This puzzle is called the Fermi Paradox, named after physicist Enrico Fermi, who is supposed to have said something like "if aliens exist, why aren't they here? There's been plenty of time."

Troy Revisited: Our Trojan Horse(s) Are Well Established, Thank You
Lloyd L.
I am prompted by two or three recent OTM writings to point out that We, the People, have quietly acquiesced to the successful insertion of multiple Trojan Horses in our midst. . .

Readers Poetry

Rachel's Visit (by L.Y.R.)

I know Rachel was at my house today
because she left a trail of signs
and my jewelry looks all here.

She used my mascara, makeup on the hand towel
my eyelash curler out of its box
she put Bella's rhinestone collar on her
ate chips and cookies and drank something with ice
ice tray askew in the freezer and glass left on the dining table
a reminder note for a dentist appointment for herself
stuck on the fridge door with a magnet.

I'm relieved to see that she was here.

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