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My First Kroika Ad   (January 11, 2006)

The marketing folks at Kroika Cookie Corporate (Xiangxi) tasked me with designing ads which will appeal to the American market. Here is my first effort. You marketing mavens out there will no doubt get the many subtexts I've tapped in designing the ad.

Though I don't want to give away all my marketing design secrets, I will tease you with some hints:

  • The gentleman is not having a fun day at the Politburo meeting. The guard to his left (no political pun intended) is a big tip-off.
  • At the sight of a crunchy Kroika cookie, his mood leaps, as evidenced by the fun children's party hat and his childlike grin of delight.

    I'll also clue you in that the coarse graphics and clumsy animation places this ad right at the bleeding-edge of "cool" design. Fancy graphics--ha, the consumer has seen them all and is totally bored by the gloss. This seemingly slapped-together look--actually most carefully designed to pique your surprise and pleasure--is sophisticated beyond easy measure. To see the ad again--and I know you'll want to--just refresh your browser.

    I know the ad's high design concept will be a tough sell to the practical types running Kroika Cookie and Biscuit Company, but hey, you want to sell to hardened, jaded American consumers, you have to cut against the grain.

    (To see all the animated ads, please go to kroika.com)

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