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Operation SERF (trilogy)  by Chris Sullins

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Operation SERF (Book 1)

A Strategic Action Thriller set in the United States of America in the year 2023. After many years of economic depression, a terrorist act fractures the country. The stage is set for another Civil War as three factions battle for control of the pieces. The story takes place in many areas across the country, but centers on one extended family caught between the struggles of the rival factions. The reader will glimpse into the minds of the leaders of the factions, as well as common Americans, and travel along with them. "Operation SERF" is Book One of the trilogy.

Sample: Operation SERF, Chapters 1-5 (PDF)

Buy the novel on amazon.com:

Operation SERF (print version, $14.99)
Operation SERF (Kindle ebook, $7.99)

Horsemen of the Red Hand (Book 2)

Book Two of the Operation SERF trilogy continues the complex saga of the breakdown of America in the year 2023. As the Shroud family continues to struggle with the threat of attack on their rural home in Michigan, powerful political factions conspire from Chicago and Phoenix to divide up what remains of the shattered nation. More pieces move on the chessboard as the military decides to leave the sidelines and become involved in the action in order to secure the President and restore order. During the course of all these events, a nebulous man named Mond continues to manipulate the strategic situation nationwide and a deadly man-made virus begins to make itself known.

Buy the novel on amazon.com:

Horsemen of the Red Hand: Book Two of the Operation SERF Trilogy
(print version, $14.99)

Horsemen of the Red Hand (Kindle ebook, $7.99)

About the author:
Chris Sullins is a husband, father, poet, artist, musician, licensed health care provider, woodsman, hunter, archer, shooter of firearms, defender of the United States Constitution, and veteran of the Global War on Terror (Iraq Campaign).

This Strategic Action Thriller trilogy is fiction and contains graphic combat scenes. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons or events in the past, present, or future is probably either out of sheer coincidence or due to the cyclical nature of history. The writer existing at this point in the timeline has no conscious awareness of any pending events which in later hindsight may seem have been due to currently unknown acts of retroactive causality emanating from future points.


All content, HTML coding, format design, design elements and images copyright © 2010 Charles Hugh Smith, copyright to text and all other content in the above work is held by Chris Sullins. All rights reserved in all media.

The views expressed in this work of fiction are those of its author Chris Sullins, and do not reflect the views of Charles Hugh Smith. All errors and errors of omission in the above work of fiction are the sole responsibility of author Chris Sullins.

The author would be honored if you linked this page to your site, or printed a copy of the sample chapters for your own use.


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