Weekend Reading: New Poems, Essays and Recipes   (March 6, 2010)

A cornucopia of stimulating (and mouthwatering) reading awaits you.

We've got something for everyone's tastes this weekend: a great two-part poem, three new recipes and four new essays in Readers Journal. (As a special bonus, I won't even mention Survival+, heh.)

Let's start with the first stanzas of a singularly insightful and evocative poem by Mike Dakota, The Working World

In the world I grew up on,
everybody worked,
from the farmer to the baker,
to the pharmaceutical clerk.

Cars rolled out assembled,
stores filled high with goods,
corn spilled out of silos,
and people rested when they could.

America was prosperous,
the whole world hoped to know,
how we built our factories,
and how our cities glowed.

But now these workers have grown older
and till the soil no more,
they spend the cream of taxes
from money others work for.

To read the rest of the poem and Part Two, The World of High Finance, please go to Readers Journal. It amazing how Mike has captured the essence of America's decline in rhyme.

Next up, two new reader essays and two topical feature stories from oilprice.com.

20 Resilient Responses for Troubled Times
(Bob Waldrop, March 5, 2010)

Black and gold: oil and the US dollar
(Matthew Wild, March 5, 2010)

Iraqi Elections Likely To Fuel Ethnic Tensions, Further Delay Access To Kirkuk's Reserves
(Gareth Jenkins, March 4, 2010)

Yemen’s Push Into the Gas Sector Fails to Stimulate Great Excitement and Raises Disturbing Questions
(Fawzia Sheikh, March 3, 2010)

Readers submitted three terrific new recipes to What's For Dinner At Your House?:

Crock Pot Recipe for Deer Meat Stew

Real Homemade Mac and Cheese

Dan's Man-Made Cornbread

There are now 12 scrumptuous recipes in this issue, so check them all out.

Knowledgeable reader George V. submitted an important story which I recommend: THE TRUE COST OF CHEAP FOOD. This explains why heavily subsidized (yes, subsidized by taxpayers) corporate agribusiness "cheap" food destroys the economies of agricultural-based economies.

Amidst the (empty) talk of (bogus) top-down "reforms" it's good to remember:
"A healthy homecooked family meal and a home garden are revolutionary acts."

If you haven't visited the forum, here's a place to start. Click on the link below and then select "new posts." You'll get to see what other oftwominds.com readers and contributors are discussing/sharing.

DailyJava.net is now open for aggregating our collective intelligence.

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