In Honor of Windows 7   (November 13, 2010)

Luckily for us users, Windows 7 retains all the classic error messages of legacy Windows.

My wife's cheap HP PC gave up the ghost last week after 5.5 years of service, and so I was introduced to the wonders of Windows 7 since we replaced the old cheap HP with a new cheap HP PC. (We also have an old Mac, the most recent in a line that stretches back to the first Mac in 1984, which cost $2,600 and booted the OS off a 400K "stiffy" floppy disk.)

(Tech aside #2: since I am lazy/overwhelmed 99% of the time, I back up our data remotely via the Carbonite service. It worked; all data was restored in about 15-16 hours.)

As luck would have it, Windows 7 retains all the wonderful error messages we Windows users have come to know and love. Enjoy....

NOTE 1: a severe cold, technical issues (see above) and the after-effects of oral surgery put me behind this week. Thank you to everyone who emailed me, and please don't take it as a slight if you have not yet received a reply. I read every email and will be responding as time/energy permits.

NOTE 2: I finished building my short positions in the stock market on Friday.

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