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July 2008   (updated 7/25/08)

Readers' commentaries on letting banks fail (June 30)

Readers commentaries week of July 1, 2008
Survival strategies and more.

Readers commentaries week of July 14, 2008
China inflation, blaming oil speculation and more.

Readers Essays

Why the Trend in Oil Is Up
(José de Freitas, July 30, 2008)

Although I'd be lying if I said I am certain of which direction the oil price is going, my gut feeling is telling me that it's going up as a general trend, despite brief respites. A few points have not been sufficiently made, and I think Rainer H.'s piece exhibits some of the problems those points would address.

Political Wil' Discovers Fools Gold
(Steve R., July 25, 2008)

I will be the last to tell you that government, just like the financial sector, is not mis-allocating resources. It most certainly is. And regulatory agencies like mine are no exception.

But the solution to over-allocating resources in government is somewhat more complex than just reducing entitlements, and my role in particular is a good example. My agency is charged with protecting and enhancing natural resources. However, environmental laws are not regarded as 'real laws' by the regulated community.

People of means are fond of saying, I do not get permits, I hire lawyers.

Back in the Village
(Chris Sullins, July 24, 2008)

Three articles by Charles Hugh Smith this year have garnered my attention. The first was When Belief in the System Fades which struck a harmonized note for me as a former officer in the military reserve who had served in Iraq and recently resigned my commission.

The next two were The Art of Survival, Taoism and the Warring States and Where the Rubber Meets the Road. I had really liked the Survival + theme in both articles with the emphasis on building human relationships within a small community and strengthening personal skills over the retreat to the isolated bunker filled with gadgets and guns.

Social Contracts and the Art of Survival
(Chuck D., July 1, 2008)

On the Art of Survival, Taoism and the Warring States: You’re right. It rings absolutely true. I grew up in what I call the suburbs of a small town (population 700). The house was my grandparents, about a half-mile outside of town. It had been built about 1911 on an acre of land that my grandmother was given as a wedding present when she married in 1909.

Perpetual growth, The Red Queen’s Race and Soylent Green
(Harun I., June 19, 2008)

Current energy proposals by everyone, including both presidential candidates, presuppose continued geometric growth of population is possible and desirable.

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