Super-Special Offer to Oftwominds Readers: Custom Tin Foil Hat   (December 17, 2011)

Instead of slinking away when accused of belonging to the Tin Foil Hat Brigade, wear your (made in China) tin foil hat with pride.

Ok, so you've been accused of belonging to the Tin Foil Hat Brigade: instead of slouching away in despair that you're hopelessly out of the mainstream, i.e. you no longer give a darn who wins "Dancing with the Stars" or which corporate-owned team wins the championship, then celebrate your dissent and the accuracy of your assessments with the custom Of Two Minds Tin Foil Hat:

These Tin Foil hats are hand-crafted by workers of the Kroika Cookie and Biscuit Company (KCBC), one of this blog's secret sponsors: This Blog Sells Out (December 21, 2005).

Kroika has assured me that the political prisoners fabricating the tin foil hats under slave-labor conditions in China are treated as fairly and justly as the American citizens suspected of terrorism bound for Gitmo and other prisons around the world run by the Pentagon or "black-budget" agencies of the Federal government. With that reassurance that everything's cricket, you can buy with confidence.

When you called housing a bubble in 2006, how were you marginalized? "Tin Foil Hat Brigade." Yes, the Status Quo and their running lapdogs in the MSM tried to lipstick the pig, but reality has a nasty habit of intruding on propaganda and it turned out the tin-foil hat brigade was--gasp--correct.

When you called for a hard landing in China, what was the reaction? "Tin Foil Hat Brigade." Et voila, now that China's real estate bubble is popping and exports are imploding, it turns out the tin-foil hat brigade was once again--gasp--correct.

When you spoke of the financial Plutocracy and the Kleptocracy, the 1% financial Oligarchy, you were mocked and scorned: "Tin Foil Hat Brigade." But now the Occupy Wall Street Movement has brought the reality to the forefront: we live in a Kleptocracy, dominated by a financial Plutocracy and their political lackeys, brown-nosers and toadies.

When you said the stock market was like this vehicle:

You were inundated with hate mail and derided as one of the "Tin Foil Hat Brigade." Perhaps the Brigade will soon be proven correct once again, and those bleating about "Dow 20,000" will be the ones slinking away, zero for ten in their predictions of a permanently bullish stock market based on ginned up employment and "growth" statistics from the Ministry of Propaganda (November 2, 2007).

You warned that Congress had crossed the line with its latest "Defense" bill authorizing the imprisonment of U.S. citizens without due judiciary process, you said MF Global wasn't just a bump in the road to Dow 20,000, you have long stated that the private Federal Reserve was the nemesis of democracy and transparent markets, and look what it got you:

Being correct in a nation addicted to denial and complicity is dangerous; being accused of being a member of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade is the least of our worries.

NOTE: this is a spoof/parody. For more serious silliness, please see:

Happiness For Sale: Jank Coffee (March 21, 2006)

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