The Complete Survival+ is Now Available   (November 3, 2009)

After a year of work, the complete Survival+ book is finally available. The free abridged version has also been substantially expanded.

After a year of insane effort, the complete Survival+: Structuring Prosperity for Yourself and the Nation is available in print, Kindle and ebook formats.

But wait: there's more!

The greatly expanded (85,300 words, 141 pages) free eBook is also now available in HTML Survival+ or PDF version: Survival+ (PDF))

Although a respected small publisher wanted the book for Fall 2010, I could not wait an entire year to distribute the book, so I published it through's publishing arm, for $19.95 and have also made it available as a Kindle ebook or Mobipocket ebook for $11.95.

The book will be available through by November 15; until then, I have arranged a $4 discount for anyone who wishes to order it through

Instructions to order the print edition or ebook are available on the main Survival+ page.

Writing such a comprehensive book is capitalism in the purest form: a substantial investment is risked with no guaranteed return. Over 30,000 copies of the free version have been downloaded, and I encourage everyone who glanced at the first free edition to download the new enlarged free edition, which at 85,000 words is a full book in itself. (The complete book with "solutions" is 140,000 words.)

In the HTML version I added a table of contents with links so you can navigate to each chapter, and I added a "further reading" list of over 60 referenced titles to both the HTML and PDF versions.

I would be honored if you sent a link or copy of the free version to others who might be interested in not just surviving but prospering during the next 20 years of turmoil and transition.

As I have discussed with Richard Metzger of Dangerous Minds, all media is now expected to be free. Alas, I am a self-employed creator who does not draw a paycheck from academia, a think tank, the government or a corporation, and the $6 royalty I receive from the print edition and the $4 royalty I receive from the Kindle or Mobipocket ebook editions are an important exchange of value and recognition of the time, effort and experience which was required to put such a comprehensive overview into "only" 140,000 words.

Thus I feel mixed emotions about this day that I have labored toward unceasingly for more than a year; the necessity to awaken at 5 a.m. to create the time needed, the email unanswered, the update to "What's for Dinner at Your House?" languishing undone and a hundred other tradeoffs made to complete the book.

I am honored by the 30,000 free copies which are perhaps winding their way into the collective awareness that the status quo is fundamentally doomed and we will have to come up with new understandings and new structures. Survival+ was written to further that discussion.

As I wrote in the introduction:

My goal is to provide an integrated understanding of why the devolution and insolvency of the U.S. economy is not just a possibility but an inevitability. But rather than feel the despair experienced by the status quo at this prospect, I am energized by a new understanding of prosperity and security based on the founding principles of our nation. This understanding is beyond the tired boundaries of "liberal" and "conservative" or indeed, of any ideological labels.

Much of this analysis might be familiar to you, or it might be entirely alien. In either case, I hope to change your understanding of our nation and our world's potential for sustainable prosperity.

I do not claim to provide solutions or answers per se, but I do present a framework which arises from this analysis like water from a spring. If this book furthers our collective discussion on the coming transformation, I will consider it a success

Thank you, readers, for teaching me so much that I was able to write Survival+. I am proud of the work and hope you find it valuable.

I have ordered my first shipment, and will send a signed copy to all subscribers and any readers who were kind enough to donate $40 or more to the site who would like a copy.

I want to write a bit about oil/fossil fuels the next few days so stay tuned....

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Expanded free eBook now available: HTML: Survival+: Structuring Prosperity for Yourself and the Nation     PDF version (85,300 words, 136 pages): Survival+)

Of Two Minds is now available via Kindle: Of Two Minds blog-Kindle

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