Thanksgiving 2009   (November 26, 2009)

Thanks to you, readers and contributors, I have much to be thankful for.

To all who took the time to give me encouragement via words and financial contributions-- thank you very much. Once I return to a broadband connection I will thank each of you individually. Until then, please accept this expression of gratitude in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

As longtime readers know, this blog is highly dependent on readers for content, topics and inspiration. It is truly "of two minds"--yours and mine, with the understanding that I merely add to/organize what readers provide.

I have to say that the many emails I have received the past week have reawakened my purpose--to present the coming Transformation/collapse of the debt-dependent, consumerist status quo as a positive rather than a negative transformation (as if opting out of debt-serfdom could be negative).

It is only negative to the Power Elites who will find their share of the national/global income and political power diminished. For the rest of us, no matter how jarring and uncomfortable the Transformation may be at first, it is fundamentally positive in being much more sustainable, much healthier and much less of a burden to our children and grandchildren--something the wildly misguided pundits like Paul Krugman never mention ("go ahead and borrow and blow another trillion dollars or even 10 trillion to keep the consumerist debt machine cranking--we don't care about anything but next quarter's GDP being 'positive' (whatever ills are masked we don't care, just as long as it's a carefully manipulated 'positive number.'")

I am honored and humbled by your encouragement, and I feel the project you are supporting-- a positive, grounded, non-propaganda view of the future--is worthy of all the effort I can devote to it.

For that I am profoundly thankful.

This Thanksgiving, I will be thinking of all the citizens serving in the U.S. Armed Forces posted in distant lands. I honor their service even as I question the politics that has placed them in harm's way far from the homeland. Each uniformed person deserves our thoughts and gratitude this Thanksgiving, and for those uniformed and retired service members who read this blog--and there are many-- thank you for your service. We need your involvement in the body politic to ground the American people in what is being done in their name and with their money.

I wish you all a safe Thanksgiving holiday.

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