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January/February 2009   (updated 2/5/09)

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Report from California
(Steve R.)
Thought you might be interested in some reports from the front lines.

First off, I have learned that the number of "extreme" poaching offenses in the state during 2008 increased over prior years. We have discussed this before in our correspondence and our prediction that the economic downturn will increase impacts on ecosystems seems to be materializing.

Regarding crime, a funny thing happened to me this past holiday weekend.

Rethinking Nuclear Power
(Chad W.)

I think you are missing the mark on you concern over electricity generation. Here are the statistics on the sources of electric generation in the US:

As you can see, Petroleum is a small fraction. Even though the problems caused by Peak Oil will be numerous and severe, I believe the impact on electricity generation will be minimal based on these numbers.

Life and Cash-flow Accounting
(Eric A.)

Thereís something tickling the back of my brain about the whole reporting of the economic crisis and the "solutions" offered. Thatís not just mainstream commentators either; itís equally visible among contrarians, deep thinkers, critics and so on, but itís something Iíd like to share with you today.

Operation SERF (serialized novel) home page
(Chris Sullins)

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Verona U.


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fourteen days of adventure

Discounted dreams, today only
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for a new and better you.
Nobody turned away.

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