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November/December 2009   (updated 12/22/09)

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The Real Con: "More Complex Is Better"

(Michael M.)
Things are getting more and more complex in today's world. That is a statement few would doubt.

However the question is why. Is it necessary? Is it always necessary? How many people can keep up with changes and understand them? How can democracy / any form of participation still work if the majority doesn't even understand the broad overview anymore?

The real con of today is "more complex is better."

Readers Essays/Stories

Iron Sharpens Iron

(Chris S.)
I have to admit Iím one of those people who make mental notes of who is doing what as they drive through the neighborhood. Itís not that I know the people and am looking for some kind of juicy gossip to pass along in a later conversation with an interested third party. I often keep most of this seemingly superfluous data inside of my own head unless I bring it up as comment to an immediate family member.

Economic Views of Orestes A. Brownson

(Eric H.)
The fact is, the mercantile system, introduced by England, or the credit system, that is, the system of making debt pass for capital, is itself failing, in consequence of its own expansion. The principle of the system, as we understand it, is to do business on credit and to rely on the profits of the business done to pay the interest on the borrowed capital and to discharge in time the loan itself.

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