Seven New Readers Journal Essays   (February 15, 2010)

A President's Day cornucopia of stimulating opinion: 7 new Readers Journal essays.

Occasionally a reader will ask what "of two minds" means. The answer: it takes two minds to assemble this weblog: yours and mine. If anything sets this modest outpost on the World Wide Web apart from the millions of other blogs, it's the high degree of reader participation on many levels.

Readers suggest new topics, critique the entries, offer new resources and books, provide financial and emotional support, submit recipes and share their own essays and stories.

In the crush of trying to finish Survival+ last Fall and to assemble Survival+ The Primer this January, I fell terribly behind in maintaining Readers Journal and What's for Dinner at Your House. I still have three great new recipes to post, and I have finally updated Readers Journal with seven provocative, stimulating essays.

I have several more which await formatting (thank you, writers, for your patience), but let's start with these seven:

Recognizing and Avoiding Mind Control   (Doug K.)

On Energy and Optimism   (Maclean)

The Untapped Energy Riches of Uzbekistan   (John C.K. Daly)

Western Educational Systems   (Gene M.)

Illusions and Delusions (two lists)   (Gary C.)

Leaving the USA: A Brief Guide to Emigrating   (Michael Reps)

An Attempt to Summarize a Few Things   (Jim S.)

While I cannot guarantee any specific number of readers to those who share their essays, this site and its RSS feed received well over 2 million visits last year and over 5.5 million pages were viewed. That is a small but worthy forum for your work.

I am pleased to announce that the energy professionals at have kindly offered to share their articles with us; the first is The Untapped Energy Riches of Uzbekistan by journalist John C.K. Daly.

I hope you enjoy the amazing diversity of views presented in these seven essays.

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In other news: Luke, the proprietor of the always provocative blog recently interrogated me at length--the results are posted on his blog. Thank you, Luke, for the opportunity to spout off even more absurdly than I do here....

If you haven't visited the forum, here's a place to start. Click on the link below and then select "new posts." You'll get to see what other readers and contributors are discussing/sharing. is now open for aggregating our collective intelligence.

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"This guy is THE leading visionary on reality. He routinely discusses things which no one else has talked about, yet, turn out to be quite relevant months later."
--Walt Howard, commenting about CHS on another blog.

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